Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vibrant Hearts

I never really know what direction a page in my art journal is going to go.  I usually just start by spraying ink or smearing paint . . .and then it begins to evolve.

Sometimes, I finish a page in an hour. . . sometimes I have to walk away and come back to it. . . which is why I almost always have three pages in progress at one time.

This particular page was one that I had to walk away from.  It started out just how I was hoping, but then it started to get muddy.  More gesso, more layers, more stencils . . . walk away . . . more paint, more ink, a few stamps . . . and finally I felt that the page was "done."  And I'm quite pleased how it turned out.

Items used: SEI Tumble Die Spray Ink, Golden Fluid Acrylics, Claudine Hellmuth Studio Paint, Crafter's Workshop Stencils, Dylusions Stencil, Punchinella, Stabilo Pencil, Sharpie Poster Paint Pen, various stamps 

It's a process . . .and one "lesson" I'm beginning to learn is that I can't really "hope" for a page to turn out the way I want it to.  I just have to let page turn out the way it's going to turn out.  I'm always much happier with the results when I do that. . .

How about you? Do you keep an art journal? Or any type of journal? Do you find you're most pleased with the art/words when you don't overthink it?

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. I do keep a journal! I enjoy writing about how my day went, good or bad, frustrating sad, happy I enjoy writing it down!

  2. Oh boy! your post couldn't have hit me at a better time than today cat! I decided to be "brave" and try to work on a canvas tonight instead of my art journal. first color...okay good....second color the color,how to blend...then you probably can guess the rest...wipe it off, won't come all the way off,made a blended color,okay not bad...ugh..maybe just gesso and start over!!!!..well in the end started using other colors and some bubble wrap like I had seen Tracy who I watch on u-stream do,...and you know what,...I had to walk away!! haha! But I came back later tonight and I think I like it so far! I have heard it said it is a process,..and I think they are right!
    Your page is gorgeous!! I love how vibrant the color is and the mix of the stencils. Love how the red pops as well.Thank you for sharing your page and your process. Makes me feel there could still be hope for me!! Lol!