Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Creative Every Day - Red

Red. The color of love, passion, emotion, high energy, and on a not-so-positive note - anger.

I love the color red . . . the accent wall in our bedroom is red. I want to paint my kitchen a shade of red.

When I saw that Red was the topic for Creative Every Day, I was thrilled! I use red quite often when painting in my journal . . . so I flipped through to see what I might post. Oddly enough, I found two pages where I used red . . . and I recalled the emotions I was feeling when I painted them.

Here's one:

When I was painting this page I was in a grand mood. I had lots of energy that day and remember that I felt as though "I was right where I was supposed to be."

And then . . .there's this page:
Ummmm . . . not in such a happy mood. Something had come up and I had a mix of emotions all at the same time. . . the deeper red signifies anger and frustration, the teal signifies sadness, and the jumbled letters signify confusion.

Even though this page evokes memories of a not so good day, I still love it. And I also recall how much better I felt after I painted it.

I do believe that my visual journal is becoming a perfect place for me to get things off my chest, good or bad . . . and I am enjoying the process more and more.

Thanks for stopping by today! May your day be a good red day!


  1. Love your pages! The first is so cheerful and energetic. I have a bunch of half done journals around my home and I think it's time I dabbled in creative journaling more. You are inspiring me! Kristen from CED

  2. Both of these are great!

  3. thank you Kristen!

  4. Thank you Jilly!

  5. For what it's worth I like the darker page with the jumbled letters and everything.

  6. Thank you B @ Sweet Limes. :D

  7. The red one would look wonderful in my studio. Those are my favorite colors! Passion colors. Terah