Saturday, March 03, 2012


I admit it . . .I've been a bit out of sorts, lately. Kinda feeling a little anxious, or disconnected, or . . . well, just off-kilter. Maybe because of the cold, gray, and rainy days.
When this happens, I pull out my journal, paints, sprays, and stencils. It helps. A lot.

If I need some inspiration, I go here, watch a few "In Process" videos and I'm ready to roll. When I'm done, I always feel much better.

What makes you feel better?

Supplies used:
Canson Blank Journal
SEI Tumble Tie Dye Spray
Oil Pastels

Golden Fluid Acrylic Paint
Claudine Hellmuth Studio Paint
White Sharpie

Thanks for stopping by today!

1 comment:

  1. Amanda B. Loder9:41 AM

    I love that cathy!! Ive been feelin a bit out of sorts lately too, amd definately feel the need to do some painting but just haven't been inspired lately. I'll check out that link you posted though. Maybe that'll help :)