Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday is Cleaning Day, But. . .

I think I feel a case of Spring Fever coming on.  The weather is just too nice outside to stay inside and run a vacuum!  I might just do what really, really needs to be done (such as finish this blog post) and then go find a nice shady tree to sit under.

On to the page . . . This page depicts exactly how I feel today. . . energized and a happy heart.  I took both dogs out for a nice long walk early this morning (although, they both were a little obnoxious today for some reason . .. maybe they have Spring Fever, too?).

I made a mental list of the "must get done today" stuff and then let my thoughts wander to wherever they might go.

I thought about those new houses that are being built in the middle of an established neighborhood. Do we really need to build on every little piece of available land?

I thought about how happy we are that Sheila (our Cattle Dog) doesn't seem to be having seizures anymore since we've stopped giving her Proin and switched to a holistic medication.

I thought about how Morgan (our Shiba Inu mix) has come so far with the training.  She's still a little bit neurotic, but at least she doesn't jump out of her fur every time I try to pet her.

I thought about how nice it was to go to Carlsbad with my husband and just enjoy time together.

I thought about the next journal page.

I thought up a few more ideas for blog posts.

I thought about what I'm going to do for the next Stamp Club meeting.

I thought about how very blessed I am.

What about you?  How are you feeling today?

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a Sunshiny Day!

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