Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Musings - I Had a Great Idea

Once upon a time, a long time ago, I had a job. A great job, with a great salary, full benefits, four weeks paid vacation, 12 paid holidays, 10 paid sick days, 2 paid personal days, 401k . . .the whole nine yards.

And then, one day I woke up and decided that I wanted to open my own business. (okay, so it didn't really happen quite like that . . .I spent a good six months thinking and planning.)

As my business picked up, it was time to leave my "safe" job.  I remember on my last day at Corporate America, my boss said, "I want you to know that if this doesn't work out, you can always come back here."

For a half of a nanosecond, I actually questioned my sanity decision to open my own business.  I hadn't thought about "what if it didn't work out?"  I just knew that it would work out.  But, alas, her words scared me a little bit.

You know what? It did work. Perfectly for seven years. And I've never, ever, not once regretted that decision.

My point is . . . just a few words from somebody else can make you question yourself and your decisions. Do.Not.Allow.It.  Only YOU know what's best for you . . .and sometimes, you just have to follow your instincts.

If I had given in to my fear(s) and stayed at that corporate job, I wouldn't have met so many interesting artsy people. I wouldn't have gained all that knowledge that comes with owning a business. I wouldn't be where I am today . . . totally happy.

What about you? Have you followed a passion of yours and had it work out just right? Have you been thinking about it? What's stopping you from doing it?

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  1. Good for you girl! And I'm over 30 and still blog my outfits :) No one says you have to be a cute 20 something - although sometimes I do second guess myself... thanks for the inspiration!


    1. Thank you, Heather! Don't 2nd guess yourself! Your blog is fabulous and your style impeccable!

  2. it´s great to see your nices ideas!